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Modern society does not place the same emphasis on taking care of the deceased as it once did. See Each Other starts conversations which lead to a better understanding of grief management. We empower funeral directors and other end of life care specialists with the materials they need to convey value and open up dialogue with the families.

See Each Other creates materials, customized to your funeral home, which include:

  • A Funeral Home specific Go-To Guide listing preferred local merchants for flowers, reception, lodging, and limousines. The guide includes detailed descriptions, pricing, and booking information for each merchant.
  • Useful reference guides (for example: "The Why's of Ceremony", "Floral Arrangement Guide) to hand to your families. These concise materials will help you walk through event options during the arrangement and its a wealth of information that the family can take home for guidance afterwards.

We save the family time and money. The See Each Other Network is made up of many local merchants that are ready to help make the event special. We provide specific information of their offerings and pre-negotiated rates so the family can focus more on the event and less on logistical details.

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The funeral ceremony is just the start of what a grieving family needs to plan and purchase. Most families incorporate flowers, receptions, lodging, and even livery into their gatherings. In making life easier for our families, it is valuable to be able to present them with a short list of the best local providers.

If you are a local provider with something to offer to funeral families, See Each Other can help give you visibility -- right there, at the critical decision making point of the arrangement meeting. We also provide the family with materials to take home and tools to broadcast their plans to all guests.

See Each Other can incorporate your essential products and services directly into the planning process so that family and friends know where to get the best value.

If you are a local provider and want to learn more, please contact us.
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